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Product Specifications

Coated paper and paper board are created to fulfill many special need other than uncoated paper can provide, our coated paper and paper board produced with the best combination of excellent coated material and base paper to provide better properties on the surface and also properties of the paper and board itself. Paper which is given a coat or layer over its surface by chemical matters that has been coated to improve print-ability or appearance. It has less shine than cast coated paper and usually used in advertising, glossy books, annual reports, label, and general commercial printing. The quality of our art paper - whether gloss or matt, is controlled using the state-of-the-art paper making techniques. All of this ensures that your feeling are expressed the way you want them to. With its consistent high quality, our coated paper has been well accepted globally from Asia, Australia, No

Company Profile:

Founded by the visionary Mr. Dhanji Natha Zalani in the year of 1950 the company Zalani Paper Mart initiated the business of buying Packaging waste in all forms shapes and sizes. This line of business was endorsed by most of the Multinational Companies then having the activities in the country. Zalani Paper Mart can be called the pioneer of the conversation of scrap to usable by products like writing pads scribblers paper plates paper tubes stickers samples folders cartons paper and boards of other day to day stationary and paper items.

Business Details

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Address of Zalani Paper Mart

47, Dadyseth Agyari Lane, Kalbadevi
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone: +91 912266348011, 912266348011


Dushyant Zalani

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